Targumatik Pro Questions and Answers

What is Larry Smith's Targumatik Pro for Windows?

Targumatik for Windows is a double function software program:

a) It is an automatic text translator.
By just clicking the mouse your computer will immediately begin to translate text, from English to Hebrew, or vice versa, sentence by sentence, (not word by word!),from one sentence to a full document.

b) It is a powerful editing tool.
The program includes a bilingual dictionary and expressions disctionary that will help you when editing the computer translated text.

Targumatik Pro for Windows is an interactive translating program: it allows the user to choose the most suitable translation for any word, if there is more than one translation for the word. And you can also "teach" it new words, which the program will then be able to use for translating in the future.

What are the system requirements for Targumatik 2000 for Windows?

Targumatik for Windows requires:

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/ME or XP.
Pentium processor.
20 Megabytes of free hard disk space.
8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended).

Do I need Hebrew Windows to run Targumatik Pro for Windows?

No! Targumatik for Windows comes in two versions: one for Hebrew Windows, and another for non-Hebrew Windows.

For whom is Targumatik Pro for Windows intended?

Targumatik for Windows has been designed for students, business people, and ordinary people who have a reasonable knowledge of both languages , and wish to save time by having the computer translate a first draft, which they can then edit and correct.

Please take note, that as useful as Targumatik Pro for Windows is, it has not been designed to solve the translation problems of people who do not know Hebrew, or English, at all, because the current state of computer programming and artificial intelligence does not make it yet possible to replace the human translator.

Human languages are so complex that no computer program can perfectly translate human language, but they save time by quickly producing an understandable translation draft, which the user can then edit.

We suggest that Targumatik Pro for Windows should be used as an assistant, not as a replacement for a human translator, especially for complex text or for translations which require a high degree of accuracy or artistry.

Can Targumatik translate from the Internet?

Yes! Translating from the Internet is no different than translating from anywhere else on your computer. Simply highlight the text you want translated, copy it to the Windows Clipboard, press Translate Clipboard in Targumatik, and the text will be translated.

To translate complete Interent web pages, retaining the original format, with all photos, images and graphics, use Targu@net, another product by Larry Smith.

Can Targumatik handle expressions, such as "by the way" or "as a matter of fact"?

"Yes! Expressions" are phrases or sentences which have a fixed meaning, and are treated by the program as one unit. Expressions are not translated literally to the other language, but are substituted with the equivalent fixed expression found in Targumatik’s Expression Dictionary.

Targumatik Pro for Windows includes a dictionary, or list, of expressions, with their translations, which are used by the program to translate from one language to the other. You can add new expressions, change or delete existing expressions.

Is Targumatik for Windows "Interactive" ?

Yes! If Interactive Mode is ON, the special Word Selection Window will open (if any word has more than one translation), with a list of alternative translations to the words, and you can select the most appropriate translation or enter your own word. This allows you to refine the quality of the translation.

Can Targumatik learn and improve itself?

Yes! Targumatik Pro for Windows should be considered a tool which, if sharpened and improved, will give you better and better service each time. You improve the program by adding new words, new alternative translations, and new expressions to its internal dictionaries, thus expanding its vocabulary and translating capacity. The more words you add, the more powerful the program becomes.

What about the Manual?

You get a comprehensive bilingual manual, in English AND in Hebrew! There is also extensive Help available in the program itself.

About the Author.

Targumatik was written and developed by Larry E. Smith, a Canadian born programmer and linguist currently living in Israel.