Targu@net Description


About the Program: 

Targu@net (pronounced Targoonet) is a specially designed web browser that enables you to view English web pages in Hebrew and Hebrew web pages in English. The program actually translates all the text of English sites to Hebrew and vice versa, while retaining all the photos and other images in their proper locations. The result is a web page that is easier for you to read and understand, because it is in your native language. The program uses a technology called Computer translation, which, although not always as accurate and flexible as human translation, has the great advantage of speed and immediate online results.

The browser is based on Microsoft Internet Explorer. You can actually have Targu@net and Internet Explorer open at the same time if you want, although there is no need to do so. They share the same Favorites and are very similar.

You just surf the net as usual, and when you arrive at a page that you want to translate, you just click the Translate button on the browser, and within seconds you see the page in the other language (Hebrew or English, depending on the source language)!

Please note that the program will not translate text in images, such as photos and ads, Macromedia Flash text, and buttons. It will also not work well with dynamic pages that change as they are displayed or as the user selects choices, such as with interactive forms.

System requirements: 

Targu@net requires an IBM computer or compatible; Pentium processor or equivalent; Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or greater; 32 MB RAM; 15 MB of available hard disk space; a CD drive; Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP. 

About the Author: 

Targu@net was written, developed, and is copyrighted by Larry E. Smith of Haifa, Israel.


Here is an example of English to Hebrew:

Original Web Page in English ----->  

 <-- Translation


Here is an example of Hebrew to English:

                     Original Hebrew Web Page-->   


   <-- Translation to English