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Targumatik Lite Update


Important: The update will only work if you have already bought and installed the original Targumatik Lite on your computer.

Instructions for Downloading and Installing

1) Click on the "Download Now" link at the bottom of this page.

2) When the window opens, click the SAVE button and remember the name of the file (

3) Choose a directory on your hard disk to save the file in (for example c:\temp).

4) Click OK to start the download process.

5) After the download is complete, go to the directory where you saved the file (see 3 above).

6) Double click the file ( to start WinZip, and then double click on Update_Lite.exe, and follow the instructions.

7) Note: You must install the update in the same directory that Targumatik Lite was installed in (probably c:\TargLite)


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